text 3 Jun Famous Friday Launch, Kid Cedek 5 Year Marker + More

First and foremost thanks to those of you that have been loyal to SOHIGHONLIFE since the beginning. Its been a while since I (or anyone else) has made a post on the site. I (Kid Cedek) am excited to announce that this will be changing! 

As some of you may know I’ve been djing at Graveyard Tavern in East Atlanta Village for going on almost 4 years now. Why do I still do it? Why is it the ONLY thing that I’ve done consistently since I practically moved to ATL exactly 5 years ago 6/1/2014? Its simple: FREEDOM. Freedom to do me. Freedom to play everything and anything I’d like to. If I were to play a bunch of classic R&B records at these BASS MUSIC shows people would probably look at me as if they saw a ghost or something (LOL). I consider Graveyard to be like a second home to me. 

Throughout the years I’ve DJd at GY I’ve helped them bring in homies like DJ REAL JUICY from WHITEFOLKSGETCRUNK.COM to even had good friends like Andrew WK and Cherie Lily Come Thru. (Yeah, Crazy I know— But they are like fam since we did Vans Warped Tour Together back in 2010).You can definitely say I’ve had my fair share of awesome memories at the spot. 

Lets rewind a bit tho. I want to take it back to a time when I first moved to ATL and didn’t know a single soul here. Two dudes were residents on every Friday night. Justin Bright and Mayhem. I would go there on Fridays and it was always CHURNT all the way up!!! These dudes would always have this place crackin tho for real! Their night was called "FILTHY & FAMOUS" and they put me on to people whom Im great friends w/ Today like UDACHI & so many More. Even Mondays man, ATL veteran Brian Parris was holding it down then strong. I miss that shit. I miss the camaraderie of the industry (or scene or whatever the hell you want to call it). This is a big reason I’m still there. I love those memories and I love creating new ones with all the talented homies that I know around atlanta and around the world. 

This Friday is going to be special to me. As I’ve hit the 5 year mark as an ATL resident. As well as the 5 year mark of me pursuing a career in music  and I’m going to celebrate my ass off. I’ve worked hard and as I gear up to bring some new blood and new events into ATL I’m going to work even harder. I hope to see some familiar faces this weekend as well as some new ones! 

Here’s to a new beginning! And remember I’m always on 1st Friday. JACKMASTER (ATL) is on 2nd Fridays & Mark Graves is on 4th Fridays! More details on B2B which will be taking place third fridays coming very soon! 


text 3 Sep T&A’s “THE GRIND” released today ft. Kid Cedek, Tittsworth, Bro Safari, UFO!, + More

We are proud to see our guys Kid Cedek and Big Makk on this new compilation! 

Check out their new tune “Bad Gyalz” ft. Dreggae below and support the entire release! 

The smash hit winter compilation, "Moombahton Forever" waved the T&A Records flag at the pinnacle of moombahton; "The Grind" compilation hints at the next chapter in the label’s dance-floor eclecticism, combining uptempo club with dancehall reggae, techno with deep latin vibes, and trap with good taste.


Label owners Tittsworth and Ayres lead off the compilation with collaborations: Titts grabs Willy Joy for an insane uptempo tropical banger, while DJ Ayres and DJ Eleven (The Rub) bring in dancehall vocalist Natalie Storm for an electro bass romp. Moombahton stars Big Makk & Kid Cedek keep the dancehall vibes w/ “Bad Gyalz”, an oddball halftime 110 bpm trappy-moombahton-reggae hybrid track. ChooKy is a new producer hand picked by Dave Nada, and he smashes it with a peak-hour moombahton jam. Hawaii’s Sandwich Island Bass brings the zouk bass on LazyB (for the uninitiated, zouk bass is a 90 BPM tropical sub-genre of moombahton). Sabo (Moombahton Massive, Sol Selectas) combines percolating moombahton with 80s electro hip-hop vibes on “Strong Bass”, building up a real groover. Disgraceland (UK) takes it even deeper into moombahton-tech-house territory, with the epic 9 minute “My Mind Eye.” And Bro Safari & UFO! round things out with “Zombies,” which goes from lush electronic lullaby to 55 bpm IDM then jumps up to 110 bpm dance.

Schizophrenic on paper, The Grind is a surprisingly cohesive journey through electronic music as re-imagined by a roster of brilliant producers.

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text 31 Dec |NYE EVENT| at @quadAtlanta1| w/ @kidcedek @terravitabass @liquidstranger @tittsworth @schoolboy @kidcedek + FREE DL

If you were looking for something to do in Atlanta, GA on New Years Eve there is no better way to ring in the year tonight than with TERRAVITA, LIQUID STRANGER, TITTSWORTH, SCHOOLBOY, KID CEDEK, MANTIS + more @ the Quad located at 714 Spring Street in the Midtown area of Atlanta, GA. 

Kid Cedek plays in the Main Room from 4-5AM so be sure to not miss that! Or any of the other guys as its going to be an extremely busy (And killer) night!



We also wanted to share Kid Cedek’s latest moombahton collaboration w/ MUST DIE!, - CATS (VIP). They finished this collaboration a good while back and its been passed around pretty tough! And it just dropped exclusively AND for free download on the latest Rot10 Musik Compilation.

*Click here to preview/download*

We wish you all a very safe new year’s eve whatever you end up doing be sure to be cautious out there! But most of all…



text 17 Dec |NEW MIXTAPE| @kidcedek x @betherave New Mix + Exclusive Interview @monocase @SOLREPUBLIC @rot10musik


Today Kid Cedek debuted his new mixtape featuring an exclusive interview for BE THE RAVE(CLICK HERE TO READ INTERVIEW)

Lots of unreleased tunes on the mixtape from Kid Cedek, Mr. Vega, Sazon Booya, also showcasing some of Rot10 Musik’s newest releases from some new faces coming in 2013! Check out the track-list below and download/stream the tune below!

(You can also click either of these images for a download as well!)


Stream/Download: http://www.betherave.com/be-the-rave-presents-003-kid-cedek-interview/

For Interviews/Bookings Email: BOOKINGS@KIDCEDEK.COM


Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/kidcedek
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kidcedek
Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/kidcedek
text 27 Nov .@gangofalltrades Presents: The @KidCedek #YOUALREADYKNOW TOUR @kodiakcollectve @rot10musik @SOLREPUBLIC @selfmadecrew @monocase

So the assumption is “YOU ALL KNOW” but DO YOU ALREADY KNOW? Haha. If you missed the KID CEDEK, :DFACE, B-STEE, ARCHI - YOU ALREADY KNOW EP <—— grab it there… The Original Mix hit the Electronica Top 100 Charts on BEATPORT. Along with the entire EP being a Beatport "Staff Pick"  as well as on the Top 100 Releases for Electro House and Electronica Charts.

So now YOU KNOW…

Which brings us to another point… KID CEDEK is about to embark on this Multi-City tour to help you guys know what you should “Already Know”… (Aren’t we hillarious?) The tour will feature some very special guests… and the first phase of the tour begins in New York City this Wednesday November 28th @ Drom

Some words from KID CEDEKThe #YOUALREADYKNOW Tour officially starts TOMORROW in NYC! Couldn’t be happier to be kicking it off with my Rot10 Musik fam!! RSVP here -https://www.facebook.com/events/310595235716322 and be sure to check the upcoming tour dates below to see if I’m coming to your city! More dates TBA! #YOUALREADYKNOW”

For Bookings Contact: 

Peter Hillowe - Kodiakcollective@gmail.com

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